SALES*KORSales and banquets


Companies that comprise several hotels/tourist facilities usually manage the sales from a single location, thus obtaining a transparent overview of the status of one, more or all establishments.

Prices and arrangements/packages

Sales department can define an unlimited number of packages, pricelists and seasons. A single pricelist can comprise two categories (lower and higher, week day and weekend prices), unlimited number of seasons and currencies.

It is possible to create arrangements with various services, as well as set packages.

Allotment management

The system takes care of all key elements of the allotment contract: accommodation, prices, arrangements, release dates.

Reservation printout can contain number of nights and money amounts for early booking.

Groups and blocks

The system distinguishes groups of guests that use the same service and are invoiced together from blocks of guests that are connected, but have to be entered both as a group and as individuals (seminars, team building groups, congresses...).