HREC*KORProperty Management



Reservation is a program module that can function in different ways:

  • within reception operations for individual hotels
  • within reception operations with a link to own web-booking engine
  • within the central booking system for multiple hotels

Being user-friendly, the application has the possibility of booking individual guests, agency guests, groups and blocks.

Hospitals and spas have a customized booking system that keeps track of available beds, not just rooms.

Special reports and availability overviews of partially occupied rooms facilitate patient admission planning.

Front office operations

Guest admission can be done through routine check-in or through the central management interface with an overview of all occupied rooms where the operator directly chooses rooms and enters guest data. The process can consist of one or two steps (depending on the work organization in the hotel).

Spas and hospitals can admit guests from the booking register. In order to have statistics on actual arrivals and overnight stays, we define whether a guest is a patient or not.


Checkout and bill printout can be done in several ways:

  • individual guest checkout and bill printout
  • agency group checkout
  • checkout and invoice printout
  • express checkout through interactive TV interface

The program makes possible:

  • to include several rooms in one bill
  • to separate the bill according to individual costs, cost groups and centers
  • to have multiple payment methods of a single bill
  • to adjust bills for printout (header, column, printout data)
  • to print bills in a foreign language

For hospitals and spas all tax specifics are supported at the printout.

Rooms and occupancy overview

A detailed occupancy review per day and room clearly showing occupancy gaps is available in the central management interface. Cumulative data per day is possible with a single click.

Occupancy projections show actual occupancy data and financial parameters per day for a given period.

Repair log

Timely identification, recording and prompt remedy of the problem is of great importance for every hotel as it can prevent unpleasant situations with guests.

The system offers problem recording and instant notification of responsible persons via email or a text message, thus reducing the out-of-order time.

Overviews and reports

The program contains a whole range of overviews and reports, which can be reformatted (xls, rtf, pdf, html). Each report is first shown on the screen and then printed out. Some reports can be additionally edited before printing (columns can be omitted or regrouped).