BACK OFFICEBack Office Solutions


Back office package comprises a group of programs that are linked to and draw data from front office program (reception, catering...) such as: invoicing, financial bookkeeping, cash register, fixed asset file, small inventory file, human resources...).


Billing program automatically draws data from reception and catering for an outgoing bill. Bookkeeping data is formed by scrolling down the received data (open transaction for buyer and revenue). The bill can be printed out or stored as a PDF file and as such sent to the customer.

The outgoing invoice book is also a part of this package and groups all outgoing bills, regardless of the method of payment (cash, credit card, invoice).

FB - Financial bookkeeping with integrated buyer and supplier ledger.


Sales entry

  • daily sales entry and correction (in Kuna and foreign currency) with the possibility of analytical bookkeeping per cost center (when entering sales transactions, entry and counter-entry of sub ledger and synthetic ledger are ensured)
  • entry of incoming invoice file data
  • pro forma invoice and currency adjustment costs
  • journal interface and printout
  • transaction entry per given criteria
  • transaction revision and printout per voucher

Open transactions

  • open transaction interface and lists according to different criteria
  • closing of open transactions
  • closed transactions interface and lists
  • open transaction notice printout per customer group
  • payment reminder printout (standard, before action etc.)


Table formatting and use for interest calculation

  • late payment interest rate
  • indexation interest rate table
  • total interest rate

Interest calculation

  • on closed transactions
  • on outstanding debt
  • on loans
  • on given elements

Sub ledger and synthetic ledger cards

  • ledger card interface and balance
  • ledger card transaction interface
  • ledger card printout

Incoming invoice records

  • receipt of supplier invoice
  • incoming invoice payment receipt
  • data correction on incoming invoices
  • erasing incoming invoices from records
  • incoming invoice interface
  • incoming invoice register printout
  •  setting up payment on a given date

Internet banking

Internet banking is enabled.

Data retrieval from invoicing, material accounting, capital assets, small inventory, payroll accounts, reception and gastronomic system.


Capital assets

  • capital asset records according to cost center, accommodation, or accommodation change
  • link to address book
  • definition of list of goods to be depreciated
  • definition of revalorization coefficient
  • preliminary depreciation calculation (individual and group)
  • depreciation calculation (individual and group)
  • preliminary depreciation/depreciation report
  • preliminary depreciation/depreciation summary
  •  capital asset removal records (writing off, sale)
  •  capital asset purchase price appreciation records (additional investment, adaptation, etc.)

Capital asset inventory

  • inventory group formation and control
  • committee inventory list printouts
  • inventory surplus or deficit recording
  • data transfer into financial bookkeeping

Small inventory

  • small inventory records per cost center, accommodation, or accommodation change
  • revalorization coefficient definition
  • write-off estimate (individual and group)
  • write-off calculation (individual and group)
  • write-off estimate/calculation report
  • write-off estimate/calculation summary
  • small inventory removal records (retrieval from material accounting, small inventory stocks)

Small inventory stocktaking:

  • inventory group formation and control
  • committee inventory list printouts
  • inventory surplus or deficit recording
  • data transfer into financial bookkeepi


Human resources

Employee data (for electronic employee register in line with provisions of the Ordinance on the content and manner of keeping records of workers)

  • name and surname
  • parents' name
  • tax number, reference number, citizen identification number
  • date, place and municipality of birth
  • citizenship, nationality
  • permanent residence address
  • temporary residence address
  • identification card number, place and date of issuance
  • passport number, place and date of issuance
  • qualifications, profession
  • place and institution of last degreeng
  • employment data, date of beginning, contract number, employment type, working hours, cost center, previous employment
  • labor permit data, serial number, registration number, date and place of issuance
  • work position, position coefficient
  • completed courses, in-company qualifications
  • foreign language
  • length of service
  • family member data, housing status, marital status
  • transport to workplace, transport compensation
  • health data, blood group, health limitations, invalidity, annual checkups
  • insurance, health insurance number, validity date
  • union membership
  • absence records
  • vacation records, vacation decision
  • list and report editing, printout and interface

Employee printout according to criteria and parameters from employee register

  • residence address
  • citizenship, nationality
  • cost center, work position
  • work group, employment type
  • foreign language
  • union membership
  • in-company qualification
  • children
  • length of service

Statistics based on all entered employee parameters

  • per residence, qualifications, profession, employment type, years of service in company, age, length of service, position, etc.
  • keeping track of all parameter changes per employee


Payroll accounts

Basic payroll parameter definition:

  • contributions assessed on/on wages and salaries (contributions, taxes, surtaxes, municipalities)
  • banks
  • creditors
  • unions
  • employee register entries
  • data entries for monthly processing
  • possibility of multiple monthly payments per employee

Outgoing documents:

  • pay check (option to send electronically)
  • orders/lists per payment type (cash, savings account, current account)
  • internet banking
  • employee signature list


  • payroll summary (sub ledger and synthetic) collective and per organizational units
  • employee analysis (gross salary, net, suspensions, payments)
  • summary of contributions assessed on/on wages and salaries
  • summary of taxes and surtaxes per municipality
  • payment suspension specification
  • rank lists (gross income, net payment)
  • payment list, signature list
  • for commercial banks
  • for creditors
  • cumulative sub ledger and synthetic monitoring
  • cumulative amount per employee (per month and periodic)
  • cumulative amount of the company (total and per organizational units)
  • employee card (analytic and synthetic)
  • suspension card
  • monthly and periodical average per employee, per qualifications, organizational units, educational background
  • form layout in line with statutory requirements
  • internet data transfer for banks
  • data transfer for bookkeeping
  • human resources link


On July 1, 2010, the obligation of recording working hours for individual employees came into force.

Each employee's actual time at work is recorded. Based on the previously entered parameters - type of work, working hours per month, calendar - we get different reports and data that is automatically transferred into the payroll accounts program.